7 Simple Tips To Keep Guinea Pigs Quiet At Night

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You love your piggies, but the noise they make at night is driving you crazy. Even if you try to ignore it, those cute little squeaks and squeals keep you up at night. What can you do to keep your guinea pig calm and quiet at night?

You can keep a guinea pig calm and quiet at night by providing nighttime snacks, a night light, a white noise machine, a safe sleeping environment, or chamomile leaves in moderation. Switching from a water bottle to a bowl and investing in quiet toys will help to keep your guinea pig quiet and occupied.

So yes, it’s possible to bid those sleepless nights goodbye and get some much-needed rest.

two guinea pigs wondering if they're going to be quiet at night

But so you know, it’ll take a little effort to make sure your guinea pig has everything they need to stay calm. Your best bet is to try a combination of the tips below to see what works best for your furry friends.

Keep reading to get the whole thing on keeping guinea pigs calm and quiet at night.

1. Give Them Snacks

A nighttime snack routine is a surefire way to have your guinea pig remain calm at night. A handful of hay and a few veggies should be fine. They will keep your guinea pig’s mouth and mind occupied at night, allowing you to get some shut-eye.

Guinea pig noise at night is a common problem for guinea pig owners. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a stubborn pet or that something is wrong.

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Even so, it’s possible to cut guinea pig noise at night. And yes, that could be as easy as giving them snacks.

Snacks will keep your guinea pig busy and their tummies full, so they won’t be as likely to make noise at night. But one thing is to be mindful of what you offer your pet. You don’t want to have anything that will upset your pig’s stomach.

Topping of their hay and adding a small serving of healthy veggies should do the trick.

As for hay, it would be good to try the common Timothy and Orchard varieties. They have tons of fiber and other nutrients your pig needs to grow healthy.

2. Get A Night Light

Night time is typically piggie party time. As prey animals, they feel a lot more safe and secure when it’s totally dark. That’s part of the reason why so many pet parents say that their piggy gets noisy as soon as the sun sets.

A lot of popcorning and zoomies take place around that time.

Enter: a night light.

To break up the party.

Having the night light on will make your piggies feel more “exposed”. So, they might be less likely to turn up to the noise and zoomie fun – and more likely to settle down instead.

The light doesn’t have to be super bright, just enough for you to see around the room. You don’t want to mess up your little friends circadian rhythms too much.

Circadian rhythms are our natural sleep/wake cycles that tell our bodies when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. Yep, guinea pigs have them, too.

You want your cavies to be aware of when it’s time to be quiet (at night) and when it’s time to be noisy (during the day)!

You can either get a plug-in nightlight or a small battery-operated lamp. Then, place it near their cage and let them enjoy the soft light as they pass the night.

Make sure that you don’t buy one that’s too bright or produces a lot of heat. Either of those could make your guinea pig restless. 

3. Get A White Noise Machine

If your guinea pig is still making too much noise at night, it might be time to break out the big guns: a white noise machine.

White noise machines produce a low, consistent sound that can help block out other noise (like your guinea pig’s).

So, this one does more for masking the sound that your piggies makes, rather than calming them down – or making them quiet.

But, hey…desperate times, right?

There’s many different types of white noise machines on the market. Some even have nature sounds like rain or thunder that can soothe *fingers crossed* your guinea pigs (and you) to sleep.

And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on one.

Here’s a selection of affordable white noise machines.

But, you’ll need to be careful about where you place the machine. If it’s too close to your guinea pig’s cage, you might scare your piggie and stress them out. That’s definitely the last thing you want, right?

You also don’t want it to be *too* loud. You wouldn’t want to hurt their sensitive ears.

Start with a low volume and slowly increase it until you find a sound level that works for both you and your piggies.

Play the music at a volume that won’t hurt their sensitive ears. A good rule of thumb is to keep the volume at a level where you can still hear it but can’t feel the vibrations. It only needs to be just loud enough to help mask the unwanted noise – like your guinea pigs having a midnight party. 

how to keep a guinea pig calm and quiet at night

4. Create A Safe Sleeping Environment

One way to get your guinea pigs to calm down at night is to create a safe and quiet environment for them to sleep in.

And it’s not hard to do. Just make sure that your piggie:

  • has a quiet space to relax; free of sudden, loud movement
  • has a large enclosure with soft, comfy bedding
  • a cage or enclosure with plenty of hiding spots
  • has a clean water bottle and food dish

Getting all of these things in order will help your guinea pigs feel more relaxed and secure. And, as a result, they’ll be more likely to stay calm and quiet at night.

5. Have Special Quiet Toys At Night

Your guinea pig makes noise at night because they don’t have something to do. So, to keep them calm and quiet, a few toys to play with at night should suffice.

Nighttime toys don’t have to be anything fancy. Something as simple as a small, quiet ball or a stuffed animal will do. (Full disclosure: Not every piggie likes stuffed animals, so you might want to try a few different things before you find what works for your guinea pig.)

You don’t want to choose a model that makes too much noise. You already have enough noise problems in your house and don’t need to make it worse.

6. Switch From A Bottle To A Bowl

Some piggies make drinking from a water bottle an Olympic sport – especially at night. And it’s so loud (in a quiet house) that you won’t be able to sleep.

One second you’re sleeping soundly.

Then next you’re wrenched from sleep by the sound of your guinea pig chugging from their water bottle as if their life depended on it. Or that click-clicking sound that a water bottle makes when your guinea pig drinks.

Or both!

To save yourself the hassle – and the sleep – switch to a bowl.

If you’re worried about your little friend knocking it over, try one of those bowl-like containers that attach to the side of the cage. Your piggie won’t be able to tip it, and you won’t have to wake up to their water bottle symphony in the middle of the night.

Your little friends will still have access to water, but they’ll be less likely to make noise at night.

But, one thing you’ll need to think about is whether or not your little friend will even drink out of a bowl. Some cavies are pretty picky about what they drink out of.

7. Offer Chamomile Leaves

Chamomile leaves sometimes have a calming effect on guinea pigs. So offering your fur baby a piece of fresh chamomile leaf at night might help out.

Chamomile contains a bioflavonoid compound known as apigenin, which has sedative properties.

Simply put?

It means chamomile can help your guinea pig relax and maybe *fingers crossed* fall asleep.

But before you give your guinea pig chamomile leaves, make sure they’re not allergic to them.

You’d have to introduce it SLOWLY and in small amounts to your little friends.

Chamomile is high in calcium and oxalic acid, which means that it might not be the best option for some guinea pigs. This includes guinea pigs who have kidney or bladder stones.

I think you’ll find this video on sleeping with guinea pigs in your room helpful.

How Can I Sleep With Noisy Guinea Pigs?

tips for how to sleep with noisy guinea pigs

You can sleep with noisy guinea pigs if you relocate their cages far from your bedroom. But make sure that the enclosure is in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for the pigs. Consider sleeping in earbuds or using a white noise machine to mask the noise your piggies make.

Guinea pigs usually make noise during the day. This is because the noise they make at night sounds louder since everything else is quiet.

If your guinea pigs are next to your room, using the methods above should work. If it doesn’t, consider moving their cage to a different part of your house that’s far from your bedroom.

Now if you think your guinea pigs are being too loud even during the day, that’s a different story.

Reevaluate your pigs’ living situation and see if there’s anything you can do to make their environment more comfortable for them.

  • Do they have enough space?
  • Do they have enough hiding spots?
  • Do they feel safe?
  • Are they bored?

Answering these questions can help you figure out what’s causing your guinea pigs to make so much noise, especially during the day.

If the issues aren’t addressed, your guinea pigs will continue to make (a large amount) of noise even when you’re not trying to sleep.

Why Is My Guinea Pig So Active At Night?

a sarcastic guinea pig talking about not being quiet at night

Your guinea pig is usually so active at night because that’s the time when there’s no predators or noise. The darkness and the quietness of the night help guinea pigs feel safe to explore and run around. So, if you find your guinea pig being more active at night, it could be because they feel safe to do so.

If your piggie is super hyperactive and running around like crazy, then you should take them to the vet to rule out any health issues. After all, an increase in activity can also be a medical condition symptom.

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Do Guinea Pigs Sleep All Night?

No, guinea pigs don’t sleep all night. They usually sleep for periods of 3 to 10 minutes at a time up to a total of 4 hours in a 24 hour period. That means your piggie friend will do fine with as little as half the amount of sleep science recommends for you.

Guinea pigs are prey animals. As such, they’re very light sleepers. In the wild, they have to be on constant lookout for predators. Otherwise, they’ll become a meal.

Even though your guinea pigs are safe in their home with you, they still have that instinct to be alert at all times. That’s why they take short naps throughout the day and night, sometimes with their eyes open.

So, if you’re wondering whether it’s normal for your piggy to remain active most of the night, then the answer is yes. It is pretty normal for them to be up and about at night, especially if they’re young.

Even so, it’s worth mentioning that guinea pigs aren’t the most active at night. You see, your adorable pocket pet is a crepuscular being. That means they’re most active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk.

How Can I Get My Guinea Pig To Go To Sleep?

You can help your guinea pigs fall asleep by providing them with a secure and comfortable enclosure and a peaceful environment. Stroking and petting them behind their ears or face can also have a calming effect, which sometimes helps them drift off to sleep.

But, petting your guinea pig to sleep only works if you’ve bonded with your guinea pig and they trust you. If your piggies are still getting used to you, they may not feel comfortable enough to fall asleep while you’re petting them.

In that case, just provide them with a calm and quiet environment, and let them doze off on their own when they’re ready to do so.

Some other things you can do to make sure your guinea pigs get a good night’s sleep (or maybe a daytime nap) are:

  • Provide them with a safe and comfortable place to sleep and they’ll most likely drift off. So yes, pay attention to the type of bedding you use for their cage.
  • Get your fur babies comfortable bedding. The best bedding for guinea pigs is something soft, absorbent, and non-toxic. Materials like fleece, hay, and newspaper pellets make good bedding options.
  • besides the bedding material, make sure their cage is in a quiet area away from any noise that could wake them up. Keep in mind that piggies are very alert. So anything that could seem minor to you may be enough to be disruptive to their sleep.

But it is important to remember that each guinea pig is unique. What works for one pig may not work for another. So, it’s important to experiment and see what works best for your little friend.

Why Won’t My Guinea Pigs Stop Squeaking?

a guinea pig answering a question about why they're not calm and quiet at night

Guinea pigs squeak constantly when they’re uncomfortable, want attention, or in pain. If your guinea pigs are squeaking more than usual, take a closer look and see what might be causing the problem.

  • In some cases, guinea pigs squeak to get attention. If they feel like you’re ignoring them, they might start making the noise to draw you closer to them. After all, they are social animals and always crave companionship.
  • Other times guinea pigs squeak out when they’re pain. Yes, the squeaks you hear from your pet may signal that something is wrong. The squeaks are sometimes your furry friends’ way of communicating that they need help.
  • Sometimes the unusual noise can come as a result of boredom. As small as they are, guinea pigs are energetic. They need to spend most of their time doing something – playing, doing zoomies, etc. This includes the squeaks, you might hear coming out of their cage at night.

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Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs can be notorious noisemakers at night. If your piggie is keeping you up at night with their squeaks and shuffles, don’t worry. It’s more often normal for them.

But again, it’s best not to assume that everything is fine. Sometimes squeaks can signify that they are in danger or need your attention as soon as possible.

So yes, always make sure that you find the time to check on your guinea pig, even if it’s in the middle of the night. Your guinea pig’s health and wellbeing should always be your top priority.

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