So, What Is Squeaks, Scales, and Tails?

This is the place for pet enthusiasts. This is your personal invitation (dipped in gold and drenched in love-always, lots and lots of love) to dive into the resources here

Here, I’ve combined my years of experiences raising pets with a restraining-order inducing obsession with research to provide you the best pet care information available.

The goal is simple:

To provide people access evidence based knowledge so they can care better for their beloved pets – whether it squeaks, has scales, or a tail.

Articles are skimmable, helpful, and sprinkled with humor (because life needs laughter, right?).

But don’t worry; all references are included, so you know the source material they came from; whether it be a vet (I’m not shy about picking up a phone), a case study or survey (total awesome-sauce!), or a peer-reviewed animal experiment (a little light reading).

There’s something here on every topic–from behavior quirks all the way up to questions about your pet’s favorite foods.

The future of Squeaks Scales & Tails is to be your go-to source for pet care guidance, tips and tricks that…

  • Guide you step-by-step “Wha?” to “Ah-ha!” even if you’ve never touched a pet, owned a pet – or even spelled pet – or spelled it, but spelled it incorrectly (I don’t judge; I’m just glad you’re here!)
  • Are so deeeliciously helpful that your bosom buddy wheeks (barks, hisses, or squeals) with maniac joy when you try them out
  • Position you as a thoughtful and responsible parent-no wait, a HERO to your adorable, little pet pal 
  • Give you a silken I’m-soooo-glad-this-information-was-meticulously-researched feeling – it’s like having found a $20 bill…on your way to Target after a bad day at work
  • Slings you a delightful shot of, “Yowza!  Owning a pet can be fun!” followed by a tsunami of pet parent confidence equal to a toddler sporting a Wonder Woman cape in her mother’s stilettos (I’m looking at you, baby girl!)

So, if you want understanding your pet pal to stop feeling like you’re solving a Rubix Cube-while blind-folded-or just want to figure out how to care for your little darling, stick around.

You’ll be glad you did.

Who are you? Details, Please!

I’m Aquita.

Call me “Kee-Kee”, if you like.  

My superpowers include:

  • Researching topics like a chain-smoker looking for a match – because, ummm, I’m a little obsessive like that…especially about pets.  I loooove me some pets!
  • Balancing piles of Dr. Seuss books and my 4 year-old daughter on each hip without getting a hernia or throwing out my back. *fingers crossed*
  • Being a thoughtful pet parent. I’m an experienced pet owner-and I’ve learned a lot – which I’ll be sharing with you!
  • Binging BBC and Netflix animal documentaries while gorging tequila-lime Tostitos dipped in queso with my husband (because, what else are you gonna do during a documentary?)

Because quality pet care information equals happiness, health, and…world domination (okay, got a little carried away there).

In the right hands — yours — it can be a transcendent, life-changing experience-for you and your pet. 

And you both deserve that, don’t you?

Okay, I’m in. What should I do next?

Heck, yeah, you are!  Let’s do this thing. 

Grab a refreshing beverage, slide on some fuzzy socks,  and check out my Beginner’s Ultimate Guide To Guinea Pig Care to get you started.

Get comfy, friend.  You’ll be here a while.