Sick of feeding your fur babies the same dull, boring veggies? Do you want to give them a more rounded diet but still keep it safe and fresh?
Then you’re gonna love the…

Piggie’s Plate Food Chart

The help you need to feed your piggies healthy foods
WITHOUT short-circuiting your brain.

An easy-to-read booklet which contains over 70 piggie-safe,
full color fruits and vegetables (with a handy, dandy feeding tips sheet).

And ALL for a small investment of…


Nah, I’m good-to-go.

Come on, friend. It’s time to…

  • officially break up with the boredom bus of the same plain old veggies (like how much romaine lettuce will your piggies put up with before staging a lettuce mutiny?)
  • easily know at-a-glance which fruit and veggies are safe for your piggies to eat instead of wasting time cross referencing every source you can find on the web, only to be left more confused than when you started
  • have peace of mind knowing that you’re feeding a wide variety of safe, healthy things to your fuzz spuds instead of playing Russian roulette with their diet
  • stop those panic attack inducing, heart-in-throat moments when you wonder if you’ve fed your fur babies something that could make them sick or hurt them (nobody needs that kind of stress, ya know?)

Here’s What You Get
Inside Piggie Plate

  • A list of over 70 different fruits and vegetables so that you can choose from a big list of different produce
  • Full color photos of each item, because you don’t want to have to wonder if you’re picking up the right thing at the grocery store
  • Feeding success tips to get you started on the right track (because sometimes it’s good to have some helpful advice at your fingertips)

Ready to make your guinea pig feeding routine A LOT easier?

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Easy peasy. 

Make your purchase and receive your pdf downloads INSTANTLY through email. 

Print them out and cut the sheets in half. Then you can staple them together like a booklet or just hole punch them and use a binder ring to keep them attached.

Fa-EVER!  Fa-EVER!  All the printables and videos will be available to you as long as the Internet remains up and running. 

And any future updates to the product will be yours as well (because you’re UHHHH-MAZING and I really like you). 

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available. 

But, if you have any questions, pretty please email at and I’ll answer them as best I can. 

However, I’m 100% that if you go through the materials, take action, and really put forth an effort, that you’ll be slap-happy at the results.